Lake Park opens Rolling Pines Apartments

August 21, 2011
Lake Park opens Rolling Pines Apartments


Sharah Denton
The Valdosta Daily Times

LAKE PARK — The Lake Park community recently completed a project providing housing for low-income families.

Rolling Pines Apartment Homes was a project that began due to housing needs in the Lake Park area.

Rolling Pines became a reality due to an award of Low Income Housing Tax Credits by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

DCA allocated federal and state tax credits on a competitive basis to qualified developers.

The apartment homes also received an Earth Craft Multifamily Green Building Certification, which resulted in an environment friendly project.

In honor of the completed project, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on Tuesday, Aug. 16. The construction of the complex was completed on July 15.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony began with Investors Management Company (IMC) representative Anna Moritz welcoming attendees.

“On behalf of IMC, we are trying to desperately make Lake Park the place to live. Forty-eight well-deserving families have made Rolling Pines their home,” said Moritz.

Moritz added that residents will have access to computers, a library and an exercise facility.

She stated that there will be several events and activities for the residents to participate in throughout the year.

Georgia Power was in attendance and was responsible for the electrical work of the project.

Vicky Biles of Georgia Power spoke briefly about the significance of the completed project and the growing trend of renewable energy.

“We sincerely appreciate the commitment to improve our environment and economic status of the electric customers,” she said. “This renewable energy features included in this project will add to Georgia Power’s ability to sell Premium Green Energy to customers that are supporting projects like this one.”

There will be 1 kilowatt of solar offset on each unit and 10 kilowatts of solar energy included in Georgia Power’s buy back of energy.

Biles added that the Clubhouse will sell solar energy to Georgia Power including Renewal Energy credits.

This means that Georgia Power is paying for solar power that is produced and the Clubhouse is paying for the energy it uses.

“We are proud to welcome both the solar buy back project and the individual solar reduction in energy per housing unit,” she said.

After the initial ceremony those in attendance were given a tour of the property and landscape.

IMC Developer Melanie Ferrell said that the project was created due to a need for affordable housing in Lake Park. This development will be an opportunity for safe, affordable housing for families in the area.

Currently, plans are set to build a similar project in Hahira. The Lake Park building has 48 units while Hahira will have 56 units. Ferrell said the response has been a good one thus far.

“The local community has been extremely supportive. We have a long waiting list and within two weeks all units were filled,” she said.

Ferrell added that residents will enjoy the amenities and the closeness within their new homes.

“Residents will have a sense of community and there will be various activities and events for residents to get to know one another,” she said.

Residents can utilize the complex’s two gazebos, picnic tables, walking trail, grilling areas and security features, such as a guard and cameras throughout the facilities.

This project is the first of many planned housing complexes which offer solar radiation in each unit.

By utilizing solar radiation, there is an estimated 30 percent or more reduction in each unit’s power bill.

Each unit is also equipped with amenities, such as high-efficiency washers and dryers, Energy Star-rated appliances and simulated hardwood flooring.

Ferrell said that the Hahira project will open in March or April of 2012 and hopes that those on the waiting list at Lake Park will be able to move into the Hahira apartment homes.

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